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This album was recorded at County Q Productions in Nashville, TN
March 2019
Engineered/produced by Nick Lutz
Co-produced by Alison Prestwood
All piano parts by Catherine Marx


released June 9, 2019

Taylor Steele - acoustic resonator & lead vocals
James Stewart - lead guitar & harmonies
Kyle Heynen - drums, tamborine, shaker, congas
Garrett Burris - bass, jazzmaster, & harmonies
Catherine Marx - piano, organ, synthesizer


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Taylor Steele & the Love Preachers Effingham, Illinois

The name THE LOVE PREACHERS lends tribute to the way music breaks social barriers, how cosmic vibrations are undeniable, and sharing a raw emotion or experience through live performance connects people in a powerful and crucial way. There are a lot of years of performing experience between the four of them. Most importantly, you can feel how much they love being on stage together. ... more

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Track Name: Jeremiah
Jeremiah was an angel
He led me with his finger tips
He led me to the ocean
Where I nearly wept

He said I was a stranger
My face showed no emotion
Then he led me to a river
The faces, he did not show them

They covered me in satin
I saw the shades of the sun
And when I hit the water
The earth and I were one

I have felt the beauty
of a thousand silhouettes
And even though we’re strangers
I feel as though we’ve met

Track Name: Look Into My Soul
I’m surely lost, all the things that time can cost
Yeah my life is surely gone
Hours turn to days, oh please show me the way
All these things I have to say

Don’t live so comfortably,
and end up wasting your time
You’ll soon find out, it’s all a lie
Pace yourself, cause life’s too short to wonder why

I’m on my own, I listen not grown
I eat it right down to the bone
So much to learn in such short of time
Help me realize
The right way to look at things
Right way to spend my time

Oh look into my eyes
They will tell you why
Oh look into my soul, it’s a passionate one
Please show me the way, look into my soul
Track Name: Creature
You are a creature
Magnificent you are
I’ll hide you in my pocket
And take away your scars
I’ll feed you when you are hungry
And lay beside you when you sleep
Without you knowing
I will watch you
Imagine your dreams and feel you

This creature inside you
Is the loveliest I’ve seen
Won’t you take me back to your cave
And with you I’ll be free
oh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh

This creature I’ve discovered
With a coat of silver shade
With a tongue that tastes of honey
And a mane just slightly tamed

Your eyes see right through me
And you take over my mind
You sit in silence as you watch me
With you I’ll be just fine
oh ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh
Track Name: My Time With You
I wish our lives could work out
just the way we’ve planned
This promise I give you with my lips
You know I want to make it last

The time I have with you
I want you to know
That my feelings for you
Have done nothing but grow

I don’t want a broken heart,
but I want to mend yours back
to health
This risk is worth taking honey
I love you and nobody else

I listen to the music
My heart beats right along
And a tear falls to the strumming
Of an empty lonesome song

All of your pain
is pain I wanna feel
I wanna carry you on my shoulders
And we’ll discover what is real

The moon up in the sky
Is so very far away
Lessons you teach me that
It can never be touched
But I have dreams
that could kill me, honey
So wish me luck

Even though the stars have died
It’s you I’m lookin for
Even though the stars have all died
Your love means so much more
Even though the stars have all died
Your love means so much more
Track Name: Birch
We should take all that we had and shoot it into space
So that the human race can see what we have done
Birch was a place where the night sky could make you fall in love

We asked about passion and how it could be felt
That you can find it in the trees
That road led to a horizon where the future was so much bigger
Uncertainty hung with every leaf

Love will grow stronger and turn around to tell you
That you’re better off just keepin to yourself
That’s who you need to know before you can
Be the best for somebody else

Our minds would get lost in the shelter of the stars seeing all the
worlds we’ll never get to know
Learning there can be joy in being lucky to be apart of how the
universe perpetually flows

The memory of those days surely won’t melt away
I’ll take them with me as whatever come along
But I do miss the joy of that little girl and boy
So now I’ll go and find where I belong

Love will grow stronger and turn around to tell you
that you’re better off just keepin to yourself
That’s who you need to know before you can
give the best to someone else
Track Name: Live On Without
In an outcry we’ll travel and lose all direction
Hold onto something we can never hold
Maybe it’s better to live on without
And live in places that are only cold

Live only in searching for something that shines
Some kind of meaning of life in our love
There are so many days left to live
I’m only looking for a place to call home

I can’t forget that I still hold a heart in chains
In place of my own
So I’ll live on without my soul being soothed
And I’ll travel the world on my own

We’ll live in caves, never talk or smile
only look up at the stars
And miss the direction our lives would have led
But the distance to run was too far

Track Name: Searching
Set me down upon a hillside
Breathe into me the fresh air
Part rain clouds and handle sunshine
Listen to me there

Storms keep creeping up to haunt me
Oh what meaning will I find
Lonely lost sense of direction
Will I travel my whole life blind

Whistling around my shoulder
Thoughts of pure joy speak to me
And I say “Oh please tell me where to find you”
Who will I be? Can I be free?

Days have led me to believe
That I’ll never understand what I’ve been told
But to be kind to others and they’ll teach you
How to see a place that’s not so cold
Ooh oo hoo hoo


Listen, listen, listen to me there, listen to me there

La da da la la la da la da la da
Track Name: Lost Girl Blues
When I was a girl, I couldn’t say no
And I had to find my way out of the snow
When I was a girl, I had a storm over my head
I couldn’t seem to ever let my feelings show

And I loved too much and too hard all at once
And I hurt to see anyone go, anyone go
Why did I waste all of my time tellin lies
Why did I hurt you, so many times
I wanna talk to myself and I wanna
Draw back a curtain in my own mind
I wish I hadn’t been so blind

I want your love close to mine
Want you all the same and I’ve been searchin
for my own light in the darkness
Truth is the only thing that can help us
Its the only thing that can save you from your darkest dreams
And it’s love that’ll set you free
It’s the stars above that are guiding you on your way
What I’m trying to say
Is I wish I could stay (wish I could stay)

Track Name: Was I Wrong
I need someone to tell me I’m alright
It’s so hard to tell just from lookin in my eyes
That I find peace and comfort under the love of a good man
And I do the best I can to not feel alone

When you’re healing your heart two times over
Tryin to find warmth, but it just keeps getting colder
Tryin to find piece of mind
And with time comes sweet direction

Was it wrong to be scared of leaving?
Can I just go and respect your grievin?
Was I wrong to know that
You’d be better off with me gone?

(chorus x2)
Track Name: I Try
When I look at your face
You’re throwin it at me like a warm embrace
When I look in your eyes
So blue and so fine, I’m lifted up to the sky

It was so hard to give more than I was given
I didn’t know, know life
Could be this worth livin

I know what it’s like
To hurt someone and never know the reason why
But with you I try
It’s more than what I bargained for and it feels - right

I kept makin mistakes, one at a time
To love yourself then turn around and change your mind
But what you do to my soul
You fill me up and you make me whole


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